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Welcome to Kisnard Online's website - a free to play, mmorpg!  Kisnard online is a 2D fantasy/medieval mmorpg developed by Jay Avondoglio as a tribute to Dransik.  Adventure on quests, explore the huge world, specialize in various tradeskills, slay mythical monsters, team up to fight bosses, interact with many npcs, grow powerful in level and name, loot rare treasures, duel other players in live pvp, and much much more.  Kisnard Online is constantly being improved with new content and features.  All game related info will be posted here.  Come join us in game!

Version 0.9.9 update

Posted on February 19th, 2017

Ohhh man, this has been a long time in the making. The gigantic update is now here. Open beta, 0.9.9 is LIVE!

Check out the release notes for the update here on the forums: Version 0.9.9 Release Notes.

If you see any weird icons, on the forums, hold ctrl+r or shift+f5 on chrome to forcibly reload the page. You can also clear your cache. This is due to a phpBB issue, nothing I can do if you experience it.

So happy to have this update live. It looks sooo much cooler with lighting in the game. That is all for now, time to get off of my computer! Enjoy and don’t forget to post any bugs on the forums and tell your friends.

Bestiary window

Posted on February 6th, 2017

I made a bestiary and collections window. Here you can see the three different tabs of the bestiary window. They are unlockable in game via the premium shop, but the tracking has happened from almost day 1, so any monsters/npcs you have killed have been tracked all along. I have been planning this feature for a long long time. I always wanted a bestiary in games.

To expand it from just a counter, I really like the idea of monsters dropping faction shards. Eventually maybe I can have them be spendable currency or give certain bonuses towards those factions. I am open to suggestions on ways to make it even better.

bestiary window monster npc factions

I really need to just push the new version already. Maybe will work on finalizing the code this weekend so I can deploy the following weekend!



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