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Welcome to Kisnard Online's website - a free to play, mmorpg!  Kisnard online is a 2D fantasy/medieval mmorpg developed by Jay Avondoglio as a tribute to Dransik.  Adventure on quests, explore the huge world, specialize in various tradeskills, slay mythical monsters, team up to fight bosses, interact with many npcs, grow powerful in level and name, loot rare treasures, duel other players in live pvp, and much much more.  Kisnard Online is constantly being improved with new content and features.  All game related info will be posted here.  Come join us in game!

Password Hardening & Encryption

Posted on October 27th, 2012

I have been working on strengthening the password encryption and salting algorithms.  Unfortunately, in order to do so, all registered accounts will need to click the link sent to their email address.  You do not have to “change” your password if you do not wish to, but you will need to follow the link and re-enter it.  Thanks for your understanding and please appreciate that this one time hassle is for your security.  The last thing I want is to accept your data without ensuring it is secure.

It’s Alive… Movement!

Posted on October 20th, 2012

It only took me a little over a year(first line of code was written 09/04/2011).  Players can actually walk around now and interact and the other players can see movement live, as it happens.  It certainly is a long way away from a game, but it is getting there.  Check out the fraps below to see the active movement of different characters.  Players would move at the same time(or microseconds apart) if I had more than one computer to play on.



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