I've found a solution for launch issues.

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I've found a solution for launch issues.

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I've found a solution to my problem -- I removed java 8 (already had java 7 installed) and then the game successfully launched. So maybe the game isn't compatible with java 8?

Could anyone confirm that this works? Also: Posted in support area so if people are searching for an answer they can find this thread easily.

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Re: I've found a solution for launch issues.

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Awesome so glad you got it working! Thanks for the tip hopefully it can help others.

Java is backwards compatible. As long as you have 1.7+ on your machine it should run with no issue. I run the client with java 8 on my machine. It may have been misconfigured somehow on your machine. Its always good to only have 1 version of java installed, if possible.

Java has an uninstaller tool. You go to this website to do so:
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