Version 1.2.4 (Live) - 10/11/2020

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Version 1.2.4 (Live) - 10/11/2020

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New Features
-Weapons and armor can now be +1 through +4 grade - ability to enchant coming in a future release
-Black Marketer now deals lower level elemental weapons
-DEVs and GMs able to change the death protect level while server is running - for events

Gameplay Changes
-Reduced daily quest item gather and kill counts
-Light surrounding loot on ground brighter
-Unable to add yourself as a friend

Bug Fixes
-Fixed underground lighting while keeping ability to have minimap
-COMPUTER: DPS was showing double on the shop sell inspection
-COMPUTER: Chat window gains focus after selling something
-Characters were not being saved to the DB upon logout - just every 1 minute while playing

Known Issues
-Items disappear when dragging from x to y (i.e. bank to backpack). This is very rare - possibly due to weight. I will gift a big bug bounty if you can consistently reproduce this.
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