Version 0.9.11 (Open Beta) - 03/29/2018

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Version 0.9.11 (Open Beta) - 03/29/2018

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New Features

4.5 armor set in game - Cursed
Many monsters drop new stuff
New tradeskill items, weapons, armors, items, mobs, npcs, spells, factions, etc.
Exp modifier is active - ready for exp events
Added missed tab to quests window - shows any non-acrive or non-completed quests below your level
SITE: update the in game and website help documentation

Gameplay Changes

Gemmed necklaces now have buffs depending on the gem

Bug Fixes

Fixed item buffs crashing the game - thanks PierreCHT
Greed spell was giving 20x gold by accident
Miscellaneous server error and state issues
Fixed being unable to bank after opening bank, and then walking when blocked
Fixed missing dolls quests not being able to turn in
Fixed potions able to be used when at full hp

Known Issues

Trading glitches on server side
Table column width resize cursors not showing - resizing still works
Text with ... is being treated as a special character - showing as box symbol
Animated weapons, armors, and items flash a little on windows with transparency settings applied
Ubuntu/Mac: handful of issues tracked separately - primary support focus on Windows
DEV Proskier

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