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Version 1.2.0 (Live) - 08/28/2020

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2020 12:50 pm
by admin
New Features

Added major and minor level up animations
ANDROID: Added send button to chats and handle physical enter key
ANDROID: Visible button added to open full chat window

Gameplay Changes

All new players start with a Broken Dagger in addition to a Tunic
Decreased the cost of Stat Reset Basic

Bug Fixes

Grim/Putrid/Boss monster variants did not have sound effects
Hopefully fixed the server randomly hanging (shows no characters, npcs, mobs, etc). Players can't move.

Known Issues

Server randomly hangs and shows no characters, npcs, mobs, etc. Players can't move. Fixes itself after a few minutes or so. Top priority to fix.
Spells cooldown numbers overwritten with global cooldown of 2 seconds.
Tradeskill luck calculation off a bit.