Version 0.3.0 (DEV Alpha) - 11/04/2013

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Version 0.3.0 (DEV Alpha) - 11/04/2013

Post by admin » Thu Nov 07, 2013 11:31 pm

New Features

Weapons, Armors, and Items dropping from Monsters and NPCs
Buying and selling (weapons/armors/items) from NPC shops
Character screen stat increase buttons(2 stat points per level)
Tradeskills (gathering/processing/finishing) work in progress
Gathering tradeskills have own cursor; processing have animated generic cursor
Ability to change keyboard keys (movement/toggles/window shortcuts) work in progress
PvP/PvM with death and respawning
Data stored in server memory instead of querying database
Server checks for syntax of game client requests; hacking/cheating prevention increased

Gameplay Changes

Monster/NPC/Tradeskill (gathering/processing/finishing) loot is created on kill, not spawn
Database is saved every XX seconds; rollback/server shutdown if any errors
General world map concept drawn out on paper - Thanks GM Blue Crackpot

Bug Fixes

Too many to list until a more stable code base

Known Issues

Guild chat simply sends to everyone; guilds todo
Damage numbers/icons do not follow player/entity when moving
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