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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

If you're here for a short version of the rules:
  • Use common sense. If you ever feel like you shouldn't be posting something, you're probably right.
    Don't be a jerk. Nobody likes jerks.
    Don't break the rules. Breaking the rules doesn't make you some kind of cool revolutionary, it makes you annoying.

~1. General

~a. Warnings will be given out for minor rule infractions.
Bans will be given out for major rule infractions and/or multiple minor rule infractions.

~b. If you believe a moderator or admin has unfairly warned/banned you, post in the support forum.

~c. Arguing with a moderator about your warning/ban will not work and may result in further warning or bans. Please refer to the previous rule as to what to do if you believe you have been unfairly warned/banned.

~d. Trying to circumvent a ban through the use of alternate accounts, logging into other accounts or changing IP addresses will lead to a permanent ban for all accounts and possible and IP ban.

~e. Use of the report button is restricted to reporting content that breaks the rules. Misuse of reports will result in warnings and/or bans.

~2. Inappropriate Content

~a. Members may not post content that is offensive to other members. This includes flaming, harassment or general abuse. Be aware that "different intentions" is not an excuse for posting potentially offensive content.

~b. Members may not use swear words, cuss words or racial and/or ethnic slurs. This includes variations of the words, l33tspeak versions of the words or crude substitutions for these words.

~c. Members may not post content or links to any content that is deliberately intended for people of 18 years of age or older. Content that is for people of a certain age (i.e. 15+) should be clearly marked and set apart from the rest of a posts content.

~d. Members may only post in English. This is so that we can easily and safely moderate the forums and provide a good community for the users.

~e. Members may not advertise for any websites without prior permission from moderators or admins. Any accounts that link to unauthorised websites may be instabanned.

~f. Members may not discuss illegal activities, items or software. Discussion of said activities will result in warnings and posting instructions on how to obtain them will result in bans.

~g. Members are asked not to backseat moderate. If you believe something has been posted in the wrong place or if it breaks the rules, fill in a report or contact a moderator and it will be handled as soon as possible. Backseat moderating may result in a warning.

~h. Members are asked not to post in a way offensive to eyes. This includes but is not limited to: excessive use of smileys, excessive use of colored text, very large text, excessive use of capital letters etc.

~i. Members are reminded that all rules apply for posts, in-game conduct and for personal messaging on the forums. Abuse of the PM function on the forum will lead to warning and/or bans.

~3. Signatures

~a. Please keep images to a reasonable size. Rough guidelines: 120 pixels tall x 480 pixels wide.
~b. No more than two images per signature.

~c. No advertising links in your signature.
~d. Signatures follow all the same rules as a post and will be moderated to the same extent as posts.

~e. Use common sense.If your signature is larger than your post, don't attach your signature. And if most of the posts on a page are yours, don't include your signature every time. I'm fairly sure most people don't need to see it more than twice.

As time goes by, more rules are likely to be added and old rules might be amended. I'll post here whenever something changes so you're all up to date on the rules.