Version 0.6.0 (Closed Alpha) - 09/22/2014

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Version 0.6.0 (Closed Alpha) - 09/22/2014

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New Features

Client build process completed - internal testing in progress before ALPHA launch
Server launched on Amazon EC2 - internal testing in progress before ALPHA launch
Create guild window working - needs GUI work
Various bug fixes and server stability improvements
GM and DEV permissions more fine grained
GM and DEV get own corpse image
Fixed many, many painting issues and glitches
Many weapons, armors, items, npcs, mobs added to game - map also expanded
Able to override the game panel size resolution in options menu
SITE: moved to Amazon EC2 instance - much faster page load times
SITE: updates to Beginners' Guide - more to come
SITE: fixes to registration/login/manageAccount process

Gameplay Changes

Slowed down characters/mobs/npcs a tiny bit to prevent eye strain
Able to buy 99 items at once from shop, weapons and armor 1 per click since they don't stack
Only gain blocking exp while actively attacking mobs

Bug Fixes

Too many to list until a more stable code base

Known Issues

Damage numbers/icons do not follow player/entity when moving
Ability to change keyboard keys (movement/toggles/window shortcuts) - just need interface to let you change them
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