Version 0.9.8 (Open Beta) - 07/04/2016

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Version 0.9.8 (Open Beta) - 07/04/2016

Post by admin » Tue Jul 05, 2016 9:23 pm

New Features

Added more sound effects into the game
Able to cast spells (attack and buffs)
Action bar and spells added in
Buffs applied for certain items and spells (will show top of screen)
Music added to game on a per tile basis
Messages shown in your chat when going or leaving temp criminal status
Add intro music to the game
Tailoring skill added
New Alchemy recipes
New quests, monsters, npcs, towns, and more
Quest in the Artisan Hall for Foraging, Tailoring, and Healing
Notifications when completing a task for a daily quest
New GM/DEV permission for spawning npcs or monsters
Able to travel to Corsinth Castle and progress to harder monsters
Added drops to many monsters

Gameplay Changes

Looted item in corpses show with a red border around them
Changes to exp tables - all character's stat point have been reset
Double clicking to equip a ring will automatically go into the empty second slot if first slot has a ring already
Ctrl clicking monsters/npcs now shows their level as well as health
Weapon class skill levels will increase attack (skill / 4.0)
Elemental skill levels will aid in blocking elemental hits (skill / 4.0)
Bow Saw and Hand Saw are now Lumberjacking items
Balanced many aspects of the game - tradeskill success rates, monster strength, etc.

Bug Fixes

Character selection screen is updated when switching characters
Window dragging is much faster (able to better keep up with fast mouse movements) - probably the best I can fix it
Daily quest countdown timer is more fluid
SFX/Music being at different volume levels
Character window guild tag will update with changes (join guild, leave guild, etc.)
Mobs properly targeting npcs now
Healing exp not shown if someone heals you
NPC and mobs randomly getting stuck in place

Known Issues

Issues with painting font sizes changes live (after next line they are fixed - i.e. new chat comes in)
Ubuntu/Mac: handful of issues tracked separately - primary support focus on Windows
DEV Proskier

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