List of very nice changes to the game

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List of very nice changes to the game

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The UI bug is now gone and can be moved with out glitching out.
Player to player trading
Shift key will no long auto run your character
More Font options
You always start in global chat when you log in
Movement is no longer delayed and moves when you use your movement keys
Potions are lvl based and are used when you dbl click them. Food items heal when you use them on your self(more food items added)
With the cool down timer added to food and pots combat is now fun again. NO longer based on how fast you can heal your self (Fear of death is their now)
Monsters NPC"S and gather able Locations all have names above them
Can block Both Elemental and normal damage now

This is just the list of things that I know a large amount of people had problems with. There is a ton more that have been changed since this patch! Nicely done Proskier

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