Exp from quest and loot exp, and elemental shard

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Exp from quest and loot exp, and elemental shard

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Loot exp currently has no other way of leveling it other then from quest which is not very efficient or possible for getting it to high level. There could be a possibility of either an exp book that gives loot exp that can be given as drop from grim/boss or the book can give exp in the skill of your choice. The daily quest can also give random exp in a random skill instead of just general exp. That would make daily quest more desirable.

Elemental shard can currently only purchase armor and shield at the higher level. There is no reason why the list of possibility does not also include elemental weapons. This would open more choices for players who already completed the full set of elemental armor to go on and purchase elemental weapons that they are not lucky enough to find. There are also other elemental pieces like the possibility of buying the full water set with water shard instead of just 2 piece from shop.

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Re: Exp from quest and loot exp, and elemental shard

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I have skill tomes on my backlog already! I agree - I love the idea. Daily quests have also gotten a huge rework. Interesting idea about the different exp types - will keep that in the back of the brain.

Can you suggest which elemental weapons and at what prices of elemental shards? I've added some new elemental drops with the upcoming silk cave (spiders).
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