The Future of Spells

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The Future of Spells

Post by VoodooKing » Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:14 am

I was thinking for spells, once you figure out the artwork for them, you could potentially make each element have 5 tiers or so. Tier 0, would be basic spells you can buy in the first shop, that would require player level 1, elemental level 0 and a base intelligence of say 15.
Tier 0: fire, wind, water, earth, holy, dark, maybe a minor heal that heals for like 10 or 15.
Then Tier 1 spells could be available in the shop in corsinth, requiring player level 10, elemental level 10, intelligence in the 20-30 range. Which would include all elementals and the normal heal spell. For tier 2-5 you could make them all enemy drops.
Tier 2: player level 25, elemental level 30
Tier 3: player level 40, elements level 50
Tier 4: player level 55-60, elemental level 70
Tier 5(ultimate): player level 75+ elemental level 90
Of course all those tiers having higher intelligence requirements.

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Re: The Future of Spells

Post by admin » Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:28 pm

yup sounds good. if you feel like taking a stab at any artwork or names have at it.

artwork is pretty easy for spells, random (shapes, outlines, whatever) using same color pallet. Just takes awhile to draw is all.
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