Elemental Bags/Box's

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Elemental Bags/Box's

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Ok so here is my idea.

Once you get to the point where you can hunt elemental monsters that drop elemental gear. They could also drop say a elemental Bag/Box for that elemental type.

Lower tier monsters drop the small bag. Small bag can contain 1 essence of said type. Gems of the lower tier or gold
Middle tier monsters can drop say the large bag. It Contains 2-3 essence of said type, Gems of higher tier or gold
Monsters of highest tier can have say a Box. Box holds 3-4 essence. Chance at Diamond chunks and or gold.
One or the other not all 3 at the same time

Now for the Grim and other rare spawn tier monsters.
You can have them straight up like 80% of the time drop the essence its self.

As an Example I am just going to list 3 higher tier forms of these monsters starting with Grim. Other ones are just plainly what if's. If you plan to go this way.
Grim tier drop chance of essence 80% chance (if they stay at 1% chance to spawn) can drop 1-2 essence.
Dawn tier drop chance of 90% 2-3
Dusk(top Tier) 100% chance to drop 5 essence

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Re: Elemental Bags/Box's

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Love this idea. Misty Pouches will be in the next update! :D
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