Weapon question and Missing weapons (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

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Weapon question and Missing weapons (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

Post by Frostavenger » Wed Feb 24, 2016 3:37 am

K so I thought id make a post here in reguards to some weapons that are missing from some lvl ranges. As well as some weapons that are very week for their lvl or how some weapons of the same type are much weeker then their counter parts (Ie Iron sword)I know you might not have the art yet, But Making a post so we can better track them as well as talk about what weapons we feel are wrongly stated for their lvl range and or are missing

ok first things first I think you should swap the Barbarian sword that drops from Shade and put it on Skelly and take the Old scythe off of skelly and put it on shade. Shad dose not need to drop 2 swords one very one (barb sword) one more common that is way better.

As I reported in the bug forums already :shock: about the Push Dagger Vs the Steel dagger. Push Dagger has a way higher Reg then steel dagger but yet steel dagger is way better. Maybe Nerf steel dagger and buff Push dagger? I might also mention Fancy dagger here once I get it as a drop again.

Also missing a good bit of Daggers between lvl 30+

Polearms are very good in terms of how many you have till lvl 20 but there are none from 20 till 52

Their are a ton of lvl gaps in Wands. I really love the wands you have right now but their are very few in the lower lvl range

Iron sword vs all the other Iron weapons is SUPER week

Very very few crossbows

NO lvl 40 blunts
No lvl 50 axes

Maybe with wands make it so they can shoot at ranged and take a decent amount of mana to shoot. Or instead maybe have a higher Elemental attack stat then a Physical one. (your input on this would be nice)

Now I am fine with a new weapon every say 5-10 lvls. Even 1 every tier but I think their should be one for every tier at least. I know its all depending on art and the order of witch you wish to add things. So I think this stuff should be low priority

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Re: Weapon question and Missing weapons (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

Post by admin » Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:43 am

Yes a lot of it depends on artwork - so I will fill in the gaps when I get more.

As for the things you mentioned for balancing I have them written down. Thanks for the analysis!!!
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