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Alchemy has plenty of craftable items. However most of the potions no one would bother with crafting. And the jewelry cant be crafted unless one farms silver rings or silver necklaces from wraiths. Which isnt too bad. But once you hit higher levels and need titanium rings and necklaces its a bit daunting. I have yet to find any enemy who drops either of those and later you need gold rings and necklaces. Which all are probably under 1% drop rate. I suggest maybe adding in the option to craft silver/titanium/gold/platinum rings/necklaces. You could add alchemical ore for the ring crafting.
Silver bar: requires 5 lead ore, burnt ash, pebbles
Titanium bar: requires silver bar, 5 steel ore, burnt ash, pebbles
Gold bar: requires silver bar, titanium bar, 10 lead ore, 10 iron ore, 10 steel ore.
Besides that all i could think of adding are buff potions that work like the buff spells.

I also think sands drop rate should be adjusted a little, 0.4% from mining lead. 1% from mining iron. Not sure about the other ores. But i have 37 mining, nearly 200,000exp in it and ive only gotten about 30 sand total.

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Re: Alchemy

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Excellent ideas. Sand drop rate drastically increased.

Also have added crafting of alchemy rings/necklaces and the materials required for them.
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