Version 0.9.10 (Open Beta) - 05/07/2017

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Version 0.9.10 (Open Beta) - 05/07/2017

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New Features

Added ability to increase/decrease your player's light source (spells/torches/etc.)
Implemented DOS attack prevention code on game server
More healing items added
Weight on character window colored to better show capacity
Website and game policies and rules created
More theme updates (tab colors)
Added diamond chunks as daily 3 reward always
Spider webs added to Foraging skill
Toggle to display your name, monster names, npc names, and tradeskill names
Animated the torches, campfires, and spawn gates
New default font and ability to change font in options
Return to last opened quest tab on close quest details tab
Show notify steps on the quest details task list
Show npc to turn in quest to on the quest details task list
Ability to unlock spell info in the wiki on every cast
More ring/necklack drops added
SITE: After logging into your account no longer have to type in password each time to update info
SITE: Updated registration page to recaptcha v2
SERVER: Improved logging and reduction of false ERROR reports in logs

Gameplay Changes

Lvl 10 and below do not drop backpack or equipment
Food now has a 2 second cooldown
Potions are now used by doubleclicking, only require overall level, have a cooldown, cost more, and weight more
When temp crim your name will be surronded by gray * on the character window
Blocking now defends against mele and elemental damage
Global chat default on login (until you have to pay gold or gems for global chat)
Added elemental blocking to rings: Aqua(Water), Amethyst(Dark), Topaz(Earth), Peridot(Wind), Ruby(Fire), and Pearl(Holy)
Made arrows and bolts weight less than 1
Ability for items to teleport you places
give 1/3 of exp for failed healing with items
give 1/4 of exp for failed healing with spells
upgrade (x7) diamond chunks to a diamond
Wiki Unlocks balancing
Weapon/Armor/Item balancing

Bug Fixes

Fixed quests with 3+ rewards (i.e. Last Offense).
Made walking happen instantly when you press wasd or right click mouse. No more delay.
All times are now properly converted from server UTC to local time (i.e. quests, guild, mailbox, etc.
Fixed Corrupted Beasts quest
Fixed unable to type or buy multiple quantities from shop when temp crim
Chat protocol corrections that caused random glitches
Buffs Applied list not showing all buffs
hold shift while running and it auto runs in the direction your running (note: this will still happen with other keys, I'm not going to waste time fixing all combinations, only the ones that make sense for gameplay)
Find the moving speed when dragging windows around... ABOUT TIME!
Fixed double click to equip arrows or bolts from backpack
Fixed healing (food or potion) cursor not showing up
Chat messages no longer allow typing @
Various switch character related bugs
Update active table completion percent when quest details window updates
Unicorn hunter quest bug fix
DEV stat reset all was giving too many stats
Quests unable to turn in randomly
Dragging arrows to character equipped with arrows already makes them go poof
Duping items to bank fix (thanks FrostAvenger for reporting)
Minimap death x not showing up
SITE: Wiki bug where 0 values showed up as x

Known Issues

Table column width resize cursors not showing - resizing still works
Text with ... is being treated as a special character - showing as box symbol
Animated weapons, armors, and items flash a little on windows with transparency settings applied
Ubuntu/Mac: handful of issues tracked separately - primary support focus on Windows
DEV Proskier

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