Version 1.0.0 (Live) - 02/16/2020

Announcements from the development team will be posted here.
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Version 1.0.0 (Live) - 02/16/2020

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New Features

Ability to run server boost events without restarting server
Premium items to boost exp, gold, luck, grim/putrid/boss spawns, and wiki unlock rates
Premium shop will now announce how much currency you lack when attempting to purchase
Added option to prevent NPC targeting - defaults to on
Time of day dusk and dawn chat notifications
NPC with quests to aide new players find the snake cave on n00b island
Map updates and miscellaneous points of interest

Gameplay Changes

Increase exp for smelting and milling - updated retroactively - all characters stat points are reset
Merged Shop Trades window price and currency columns
Added food/potions to more shops
Added arrows/bolts to more shops
Added spell scrolls to more shops
1 elemental armor point for every 2.5 skill levels (was 1 for every 4)
Increased the amount of exp/gold given for daily quests
Adjusted speedhack prevention code to be more aggressive
Increased grim, putrid, and boss spawn rates
Increased afk timeout from 8 to 15 minutes
Changed luck bonus for drops and gathering drops to be non-capped
Now granting exp/gold buffs on quest and daily quest completion
Dexterity and Intelligence are now factored into total attack (50% of strength)
Deleting characters are just hidden to maintain referential integrity
Increased health/mana gain amount while idle
Reduced cooldown duration for potions
Only able to send one trade request at a time

Bug Fixes

Server time math issues resolved - all time based things more accurate - cooldowns, buffs, attacks, etc.
Picking up weapons, armors, and items from the ground happens in the order they are displayed
Able to ctrl click tradeskill items/resources to see name and type
Missed quests to no longer show quests for other races
Missed quests table was not removing values when you accepted the quest
Able to click to edit the Missed quests table
Connection code cleanup
Fixed font overlapping issue when selecting a large font size
Death noise was no longer playing
Fixed all EXP buffs and calculations
Fixed all LUCK buffs and calculations
Fixed all GOLD buffs and calculations
Fixed bug that caused luck reduction forumlas for higher level rarity to be additive on each drop
When you die as a coward (due to logging out while in active pvp) you will get messages about your equipment drops upon next login
Guild transfer leadership was not saving to the DB correctly
Fixed many bugs with trades - hopefully none left
Unable to loot body if you open corpse and then teleport/get summoned/move/etc.

Known Issues

DEV Proskier

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