Welcome to Kisnard Online

 Welcome to Kisnard Online's website - an upcoming, free to play, rpg!  Kisnard online is a new 2D fantasy mmorpg developed by Jay Avondoglio.  It is currently in development and is a long term project.  A release date is not yet posted, but when one is close it will be posted here.  All game related info will be posted here.  Please stay tuned I am getting closer to a launch date!

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Build process complete - 08/29/2014

I figured out how to bundle my Java application without compressing it into a jar.  This allows me to leave the directory unpacked, which allows the client side code to download updates to itself, as necessary.  I built an .exe file for Windows users and am planning to work on Linux/Mac OS X next.  The awesome game icon is courtesy of GM deathaleo31 - so give him your thanks.

Game built into exe file

Need more RAM - 08/22/2014

The current map I have drawn is 1750,1750 tiles.  When you add 7 layers to that for the server and 4 for the client they become memory hogs.  Currently the plan was to host the server on Amazon AWS.  The problem is that Amazon AWS free instance (t2-micro) only has 1 gig of RAM.

RAM memory cost of server and client

**EDIT - 08-25-2014** reduced the memory usage a bunch, but still have more map to draw

megabyte ram fixes of server and client

The map will be around 5300,3000 tiles by my best estimates.  As a little teaser for you, here is the map that GM bluecrackpot and I drew.

2d mmorpg map overview - Kisnard Online