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Version 1.7.0 patch

New Features

  • New quests, items, spells, monsters, sounds, pets, etc.
  • Spells can now have an area effect (AoE)
  • aoe, area effect, spells
  • Big backpack expansion item adds 4 slots to backpack and Mega backpack expansion item adds 5 slots to backpack
  • backpack, size, mega, big
  • Mist Cloud bosses spawn enemies randomly when hit and explode treasure when killed
  • mist cloud, mist, kill
  • Holiday islands opening-closing and boosts usage posts messages on Discord events channel and Wiki unlocks post messages on Discord welcome-and-bots channel
  • discord, bot, messages
  • Event Island accessible from Holiday Island
  • Starting at 50 kills, increasing chance to cast Sanguine buff spell
  • sanguine, spell, buff
  • Recycle your pets, armor, and weapons
  • pet, recycler, shop trades
  • New area: dare to venture into Red Dragon Cave
  • red dragon, dragon cave
  • DEVs and GMs able to configure loot with chance to drop from any monsters
  • SERVER: Optimized saving to database
  • SERVER: Auto emails for accounts with no characters created
  • WIKI: Player pages show player unlocks
  • New gameplay trailer released:

Gameplay Changes

  • ANDROID: Server startup, stopped, patch in progress, etc. messages show upon login
  • Backpack can be unlocked to 25 total slots
  • Pet item drops increased and Pet costs reduced
  • Upon death, only up to 15 backpack items can drop to corpse
  • Upon death, backpack items have 50% chance to drop to corpse
  • Upon death, unlooted equipment star level 5 and above will not drop to corpse
  • Shop trades window can now cost weapon and armor currency
  • Event Island toggleable like other Holiday Islands
  • SITE: Increase login session length to 3 days

Bug Fixes

  • Premium Shop issue trading with Diamond Bits
  • Wiki unlocks synched with new database fields
  • Temporary criminal color shows on character selection screen
  • ANDROID: double npc sound when attacking with target prevention on

Version 1.6.4 patch

New Features

  • Added new Tailoring tradeskill tools
  • ANDROID: Identify message will now contain Increases section
  • identify include increases
  • ANDROID: Skill type on Weapon, Armor, and Item popups will also be requirement met green or red color
  • ANDROID: Added a border to tradeskill and attack target indicators

Gameplay Changes

  • Allowed to type @ in chat, which is replaced with (at)
  • Chat message length increased from 80 characters to 90 characters long
  • SECURITY: Updated SSL certificate

Bug Fixes

  • Other players are sometimes disconnected when another player logs out

Version 1.6.3 patch

New Features

  • ANDROID: Add wiki direct launch button to weapon, armor, item, spell, and quest Inspect windows
  • wiki launch button
  • New water artwork – floating barrels, sunken ships, etc.

Gameplay Changes

  • none

Bug Fixes

  • ANDROID: Bestiary window crashing game if not yet unlocked
  • ANDROID: Friends window crashing game if empty friend list
  • Bugged Item showing on previously claimed mail
  • Additional tweaks to try and fix disconnections



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