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Version 1.5.93 patch

New Features

  • Player walk speed is consistent now
  • Server message if DEV/GM changes base player walk speed
  • consistent player walk speed
  • Headless Horseman sells a Ghost costume – Happy Halloween
  • New quest near Biree – see Wiseman Doran
  • Snowy trees are now larger too
  • larger snowy trees
  • Mountains added surrounding water areas and holiday islands
  • SERVER: minor performance improvements
  • DEV/GM: updated teleport favorites list

Gameplay Changes

  • Increased player walk speed calculation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game crash with Wandering Wizard

Version 1.5.92 patch

New Features

  • SERVER: minor performance improvements

Gameplay Changes

  • Increased player walk speed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed weird game crash when getting hit
  • PC: Fixed glitch with screens not loading on newer version of Java

Version 1.5.91 patch

New Features

  • WEBSITE: changed all release notes to be separate WordPress posts
  • SERVER: minor performance improvements

Gameplay Changes

  • Increased default player walk speed from 4 tiles per second to 5
  • Increased NPC click distances

Bug Fixes

  • PC: Fix teleport animations not loading
  • ANDROID: Fixed teleport animations not being centered
  • Allow other connection security protocols



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