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The game is available on Android devices running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher.  There is no iOS version available or plans for one.  If you are interested in writing an iOS client contact me.

Download on Google Play



The game is packaged for all operating systems in one downloadable .zip file.  There is no ‘installation’ procedure, per say, but please see the notes below for help.  You need to extract the .zip file that you download and put the folder in a location of your choice.

Note: As per the systems requirements listed on the FAQ page, Java JRE 1.7+ is required.  Java is made by Oracle and free to download.  Get the latest version at


How to download


Step 1:
Java LogoDownload JavaJava Logo


Step 2:
Kisnard Online LogoDownload Kisnard OnlineKisnard Online Logo

When you click on the Download Kisnard Online button above you may see something similar to the following screenshots from the popular browsers below:

Download warning in Google Chrome

It is possible the following warning may appear due to the game being so new.


Download game in Google Chrome

↑ Chrome ↑


Download game in Moilla Firefox

↑ Firefox ↑


Download game in Microsoft Internet Explorer

↑ Internet Explorer ↑


How to install: Windows


– As I mentioned above, there really is no install process besides unpacking the .zip file.  For windows users, you simply extract the ‘’ file downloaded above and put the extracted folder anywhere you choose.

Troubleshooting Note: Common issues are likely answered on the FAQ page.

– There are many ways to extract the .zip file depending on what software is installed on your machine.  If you right click the .zip file you should see ‘Extract All…’ as one of the menu items to use Windows, built in, extract tool.  Popular alternative tools to extract are 7-Zip and WinRAR.

Extract zip file game in Windows

↑ Windows Extract Wizard ↑


– To run the game simply double click the ‘KisnardOnline.exe’ program icon.

Note: If desired, you can create a shortcut and place it on your desktop for easy access.


How to install: MAC/Linux


GM BlueCrackpot has graciously written the guide on getting the game running smoothly on MAC OS.  These instructions should also work on Linux machines.

Troubleshooting Note: Common issues are likely answered on the FAQ page.

    1) Download ZIP file.
    2) Open Terminal.

Note: Steps 3-8 are commands to enter in the terminal.

    3) cd Downloads
    4) unzip
    5) chmod -Rf 777 KisnardOnline
    6) cd KisnardOnline
    7) ./ &
    8) exit
    9) Quit Terminal.
Play game in MAC or Linux

↑ Installing and running on Ubuntu ↑


How to uninstall


– While I truly hope you are enjoying the game and will keep playing with us, uninstallation is simple.  To uninstall – simply delete the .zip file(if you have not already) and remove the corresponding ‘KisnardOnline’ folder.  I am a firm believer in leaving your computer exactly the way it was before you download Kisnard Online, if you so choose to remove it.  There are no files, keys, registry, etc. stored anywhere on your computer, in any location, except of course for the Kisnard Online game folder itself.

Note: Before you delete the game you may want to save your screenshots in the ‘KisnardOnline/screenshots’ directory.