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DEV & GM List

Welcome to Kisnard Online’s DEV & GM List!  Below is the list of the current game developers and game moderators.  At certain times we will be looking to expand the team or request for some freelance help(mainly artists).  Any such needs will be announced on the game Discord.

In addition to the DEV and GM tags, there will also be the KO tag.  These titles will be given out to players that stand out in random ways.  No bribery accepted! 🙂

DEV Proskier

Jay Avondoglio

Sole developer of the game, website, content, and database.

Single-handedly making a MMORPG has been a lifetime goal of mine. I have written every single line of code myself (minus some help on Stack Overflow) and I am very proud of it. I make usage of no libraries other than those packaged with Java and some other necessary ones mp3/mysql/logging. What I am trying to say is, the game is essentially created from scratch.

I started Kisnard Online in September of 2011 with a tutorial to create a Java Client/Server chat application. Little by little I kept adding on features, until the game was born. There is no end date in sight.

DEV Sparkle

Sparkle provides much needed moral support and is patient during countless hours spent on the couch programming. She also happens to be married to DEV Proskier.

GM BlueCrackpot

Game moderator who is generally involved in quest/content/lore writing.

GM TBD(applications accepted)

Game moderator.

GM TBD(applications accepted)

Forum moderator.

Artist Cecilia Souza Santos

Cecilia Souza Santos

Cecihoney sprite

Cecilia Souza Santos – or Cecihoney as she signs her art (the honey comes from Honey Honey, a shoujo anime she loved as a kid):

Spriter for more than 20 years, loves giant robots, starships, sci fi, magic, and fantasy.  Aside from pixelart she likes to write, build plastic models, customize toys, read, watch anime/cartoons, play video games, and roleplay…
Her main influences come from 32bit era games, mostly Phantasy Star IV, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Megaman X, and Final Fantasy VI.

Deviantart page:

Composer Tanaka Mutaviri

Tanaka Mutaviri

Tanaka is a sound engineering student from Zimbabwe who is expanding his experience in sound design and musical composition. He likes composing especially for interactive media like video games because that’s what got him hooked into the sound industry.

SoundCloud page:

Composer Elliott Leach

Elliott Leach

Elliott Leach is an up-and-coming composer from Great Britain who is fulfilling his dream of creating music for games. Elliott is planning to expand his portfolio to include shows and movies!

YouTube page:

KO TBD(applications accepted)

 DEV/GM suckup.