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Version 1.4.5 patch

New Features

  • Weapons and armors have rarity tiers which give unique buffs
  • rarity tiers with unique bonuses
  • Stats info button added to character screen
  • Journeyman armor set added
  • journeyman classless armor set
  • Ability to align to devil/saint allegiance on character screen
  • Open treasure messages show quantity, plus, and rarity modifiers

Gameplay Changes

  • Adjusted allegiance color scale and names
  • Holy/Criminal guards temporarily not attacking devil/saint allegiance
  • Looting and killing players/npcs as devil allegiance increases allegiance
  • Increased Ice Devil spawns and decreased Chilled Castle spawns
  • Attack targets removed when using ladders, caves, etc.
  • Increased health and mana boosts
  • Buffed monsters over level 40

Bug Fixes

  • Character db saves will rollback too – preventing bugged items on server crash
  • Fixed crashes when lots of things were occurring near you
  • Fixed a bug allowing moving stuff on ground far distances – thanks Wandrark
  • Probably fixed mobs not respawning bug

Version 1.4.2 patch

New Features

  • Harvesting has a chance to drop seeds
  • Added seed drops to monsters and shops
  • Added Holiday Island teleport in Brethden
  • Polearms can hit from 2 tiles away with 75% damage
  • Lower elemental armor drops from monsters
  • Mailbox gifts show plus color and looted red border
  • Added more potions with buffs
  • Outlaws – criminal NPCs that spawn in random places
  • PC: Overweight icon added below hit info
  • Respawning monsters have chance to come back in multiples
  • Gathering tradeskills have a chance to summon a monster

Gameplay Changes

  • Bow/Crossbow target only removed when PvP
  • Plussed weapons and armors get enchanting level plus a modifier
  • Elemental weapons more scaled towards elemental damage
  • Beginner weapons received from quest gives cannot be plussed
  • Mele attack stat bonus linked to weapon class (i.e. strength for axes, blunts, swords)
  • Corpses can be looted at 2 minutes and cleaned looted at 4 minutes
  • Corpses last for 8 minutes until they disappear – stuff no longer drops to ground
  • Nerfed food and tomes a bit
  • Adjusted item weights
  • Line of sight updates for buildings and mountains
  • Uber daily rewards quantity multiplier reduced

Bug Fixes

  • Ground moves can only move within player reach
  • Tradeskill spots not respawning if two players take last resource
  • Daily quests could reward 0 quantity items – thanks FatAdam
  • Enchanting button enchants first weapon/armor of that enchanting level
  • Hopefully fixed edge case ability to duplicate weapons, armors, items
  • Inspect and equip requirements fixed for weapon and armor
  • HUGE DB weapon/armor/item cleanup and optimized error checking
  • PC: Corpse window was not showing last row
  • Auto crafting turned off when using regular create buttons

Version 1.4.1 patch

New Features

  • Adding many new seeds and plants
  • Added elemental damage training to School Island
  • Added Santa Claus/Headless Horseman store
  • Added new music – courtesy of Composer Elliott Leach
  • SERVER: additional protocol checking and error logging

Gameplay Changes

  • Account names are no longer case sensitive during login
  • Leveling restores health and mana
  • Updated School Island to The Capital teleport location
  • Balanced the elemental damages table
  • Greatly increased chance of unlocking Wiki weapon, armor, item drops
  • Fixed sale price of Unlock Bank 4
  • Decreased daily kill quest lower level limit
  • Increased weapon, npc, and mob speeds

Bug Fixes

  • ANDROID: Non guild leaders won’t see edit name, tag, or description buttons anymore
  • Door open noise plays when NPCs and Monsters open doors
  • Fixed unarmed hit calculation
  • Tomes were not giving bonus exp
  • Duplicate announcements when leaving a guild
  • Holiday islands were accessible even without teleport animation
  • PC: shops total not updating if price contains comma
  • ANDROID: new character window hide checkbox not working
  • SERVER: updated logging software



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