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Version 1.3.6 patch

New Features

  • Added support for other languages on Android – based on language on phone settings
  • Added some Korean translations to PC and Android
  • Added Korean language option to PC

Gameplay Changes

  • Soothe mana cost reduced
  • Including all images and sounds with PC version zip download

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes able to use skill tome before level 25 which resulted in negative exp
  • Skills progress bar properly shows 0/## when no exp gained yet
  • Elemental damage received was not animating properly
  • SERVER: fixed server alert bug when swapping from ground to backpack, bank, or character

Version 1.3.5 patch

New Features

  • New healing spell – Soothe
  • New upper-level area – Pillaged Cave
  • Added rest of holiday NPCs and Monsters

Gameplay Changes

  • Buffed food and healing potions
  • All characters are teleported to Holiday Island from a specific Island when the event is ended
  • Desert areas monsters spread out a bit more

Bug Fixes

  • Holiday island is now accessible
  • Characters can walk to the edges of the map without crashing – early preparation for boats
  • COMPUTER: mana color adjustment was not saving

Wandering Wizard

Enchanted weapons and armors are here and now you can speak with the Wandering Wizard to enchant through +4.  The ability to use bright lights to upgrade enchanted weapons/armors is here!
wandering, wizard, enchanting
The latest release 1.3.2 also brought the ability for me to turn on/off holiday islands.  These will be turned on during events: Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.
holiday, halloween, thanksgiving



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