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Version 1.4.0 patch

New Features

  • School Island will teach new characters how to play
  • Guild leaders can now edit guild name, tag, and description
  • Guilds have levels based on contributions from members (shards and/or gold)
  • Guild bonus for members based on the guild level and faction (weapons/tradeskills/elemental)
  • Guild history shows who joined, left, donated, etc. and when
  • Premium Shop feature: Auto pickup gold/loot – ability to pickup by walking over stuff
  • Account banker to store between all characters
  • Costume, mount, and pet equipment slots added – costume done, but only one so far – mount and pet features not started yet
  • New polearms and wand – thanks Flamtar

Gameplay Changes

  • Increased player walk speed
  • Doors automatically open when you wall into them
  • Less kills/gathers needed for daily quests
  • More chance to have gathers for daily quests
  • Changed AFK timeout to 30 mins
  • Monsters respawn location a bit more random
  • Changed buffs to last twice as long
  • Lowered premium shop prices for many items

Bug Fixes

  • ANDROID: Inspecting a plant showed filename and type instead of name and planter name
  • Using shovel crashed the game
  • Using puddle on unplanted soil crashed the game
  • Fixed attack and elemental attack calculation errors and display on character window

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