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Version 1.5.0 patch

New Features

  • Pets… armor, cosmetic, levelable, cute!! Check out The Capital
  • pets have arrived
  • New content… armors, items, npcs, quests, sprites, etc.
  • ANDROID: item quantities can be displayed in backpack, bank, etc.
  • Windows have help (?) icons with general information – ANDROID: setting to disable
  • Additional DEV and GM tools: change server clock speed, player and monster walk speed, etc.
  • ANDROID: resizable windows have gripper button to adjust size
  • more user interface improvements - resizers
  • ANDROID: large chat window can be pinned to automatically open
  • ANDROID: able to register an account within the app
  • WEBSITE: wiki should load images faster – Amazon CDN
  • SERVER: website and game server are on separate servers

Gameplay Changes

  • Increased player and monster/npc walking speed
  • Removed Elite Guard from daily quests
  • Capped daily quest multiplier to 5
  • Adjusted daily quests weapons, armors, and items
  • Adjusted daily quest gold, allegiance, and exp
  • Reset allegiance to +-10,000
  • Buffed healing spells
  • Crafting luck bonus displayed on bonus number
  • Necklace armor buffed

Bug Fixes

  • Arrows and bolt crafting gave exp * quantity
  • Actions bar updated upon death
  • ANDROID: Minimap has different settings for landscape and portrait size
  • ANDROID: Minimap duplicate windows upon death
  • ANDROID: hopefully improved performance during long play sessions
  • Crashes on some windows if using locale with period as thousands separator

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