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Kisnard Online Release Notes

 This page will be constantly updated with each new version of Kisnard Online!  You can find what new features, bug fixes, and other information a certain update contains.  This information will also show directly in the game client.

Version 0.9.15 (Open Beta) - 09/08/2019

New Features

  • Map loading more efficently - loads chunks in separate files
  • New trades shops - some NPCs barter with items as currency rather than just gold
  • New alchemy items and recipes

  • Gameplay Changes

  • Adjusted daily quests monster lvl to be within 7 levels of your level (instead of within 20)
  • Some exp given when you fail at smelting/milling
  • Drop rate adjustments and quest rewards adjustments
  • Tailoring switched to intelligence based and carpentry switched to dexterity based
  • Elemental skill level will decrease the amount of elemental damage you take
  • Increased quantity of gold/allegiance/exp given on daily quests
  • Show all loot on tile when ctrl clicking on ground
  • Drastically increased drop rate of Sand

  • Bug Fixes

  • If spell caster/delayed action leaves game abrubtly, spell/action will be cancelled (and not crash server) - thanks Puppy/VoodooKingHades
  • Heal spell casted on another player was using the castee's buff amounts - thanks VoodooKingHades
  • Damage increase for arrow or bolt only applies when wearing a bow or crossbow - thanks VoodooKingHades
  • Fixed server shutdown messages (will now display every 15 seconds as intended)
  • Fixed many quest text issues/typos
  • Collections window froze when you had items to turn in - thanks VoodooKingHades
  • Trades did not get canceled gracefully server side and could spam the person cancel messages - thanks FrostAvenger
  • Would not let you friend people sometimes - thanks PierreCHT
  • Adding or removing friends did not automatically update the friend list
  • Adding a friend who was offline alerted them next time they logged in, from your perspective instead of theirs

  • WIP Issues

  • n/a

  • Version 0.9.12 (Open Beta) - 01/01/2019

    New Features

  • Players can now request to join a guild via the guild list window
  • Leaders are able to accept or reject these requests to join a guild (while player is offline or online)
  • Players will show a phone or computer icon next to their name based on what client they are playing on
  • Paint own name also shows your guild tag, if applicable
  • Fixed fast, constant spell casting crashing the game - thanks PuppyGamer
  • Added in stronger variants of some monsters. The Grim monsters.
  • Server: Added email alerts to myself if Java, MySql, or Apache crash

  • Gameplay Changes

  • Weapons and armor sell to shop value is now 1/4 purchase price rather then 1/2
  • You must unequip all Weapons, Armors, and Items to reset your stats.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Guild leader removing a member not saving properly
  • Collections screen shows the current timezone rather than server timezone for turn in dates
  • Unable to edit bestiary table
  • If any error happens where the game cannot save to the database the server will shutdown. This is to prevent people from playing and losing progress.
  • New character help window was not loading properly

  • Known Issues

  • Trading glitches on server side
  • Table column width resize cursors not showing - resizing still works
  • Text with ... is being treated as a special character - showing as box symbol
  • Animated weapons, armors, and items flash a little on windows with transparency settings applied
  • Ubuntu/Mac: handful of issues tracked separately - primary support focus on Windows

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