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Kisnard Online Release Notes

 This page will be constantly updated with each new version of Kisnard Online!  You can find what new features, bug fixes, and other information a certain update contains.  This information will also show directly in the game client.

Version 1.1.6 (Live) - 07/10/2020

New Features

  • Game will display custom server maintence messages if I need to do any
  • Added signs outside of caves
  • New mining spot: sand rock
  • New mining pickaxe: steel pickaxe
  • Skill level required messages show which skill and level required

  • Gameplay Changes

  • Spells cost 25% less mana
  • Mana potions and food mana increase raised by 220%
  • Loot on ground disappears in 90 seconds instead of 60
  • Intelligence and skill boosts attack spells more

  • Bug Fixes

  • Unable to complete Duke Bauld's quest
  • Could walk through sand rock
  • Using food or potion without actions panel open could crash game
  • Updated game icon on PC version

  • Known Issues

  • Server randomly hangs and shows no characters, npcs, mobs, etc. Players can't move. Fixes itself after 15 minutes or so. Top priority to fix.

  • Version 1.1.1 (Live) - 06/20/2020

    New Features

  • Kisnard Online on Android is Live!!!
  • 5-1 minute notification events are ending
  • Ability to add Friend by name
  • Added option to prevent player targeting - defaults to on

  • Gameplay Changes

  • Spell mana cost increased
  • Increased amount of health/mana regeneration

  • Bug Fixes

  • Using multiple item boosts could crash the server
  • Spells now sort in level order
  • Prevent NPC targeting option also prevents attack spells
  • Criminal guards were not attacking temporary criminals
  • PC: Options checkboxes were not updated when switching characters
  • PC: Attack target was still displaying when switching characters

  • Known Issues

  • n/a

  • News


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