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Kisnard Online Release Notes

 This page will be constantly updated with each new version of Kisnard Online!  You can find what new features, bug fixes, and other information a certain update contains.  This information will also show directly in the game client.

Version 0.2.0 (DEV Alpha) - 07/09/2013

New Features

  • Floating interface, transparent windows, saving window state/position
  • Tile based map for players to explore
  • Game files automatically updated from server
  • Game release notes pane in Login window
  • Player movement via WASD keys or mouse right click
  • Multiple chat modes: general, whisper, global, and guild(todo)
  • Working backpack, bank, character equipment screen, and ground
  • Options menu with language support, window settings, damage delt/received icon/text options
  • Welcome messages upon logging in
  • GUI server option: ability to kick/ban players
  • Skills menu completed; efficent sending of exp
  • Basic interaction with NPCs
  • Monsters/NPCs respawn when killed; warp home when walking too far during agro
  • Weapons and armor dropping from Monsters; items(todo)
  • Weapons, armor, and items show popup description on hover-ctrl
  • Can equip/bank/pickup weapons and armor
  • A lot of server side logging and development tools created

  • Gameplay Changes

  • Ability to attack players/entities(Monsters/NPCs)
  • Monsters will chase/attack you when in sight; NPCs will attack back when attacked
  • Swear filter on character creation screen/override option
  • Players kicked if speedhacking/cheating/modifying client

  • Bug Fixes

  • Too many to list until a more stable code base

  • Known Issues

  • Database saving taking too long on logout
  • Guild chat simply sends to everyone; guilds todo
  • Character screen stat increase buttons todo
  • Damage numbers/icons do not follow player/entity when moving

  • Version 0.1.0 (DEV Alpha) - 04/06/2012

    New Features

  • Start of interface(fixed position)
  • Login screen
  • Character creation/deletion screen
  • Working chat
  • User list
  • Basic skills menu

  • Known Issues

  • No game to play... yet!

  • News


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