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Kisnard Online Release Notes

 This page will be constantly updated with each new version of Kisnard Online!  You can find what new features, bug fixes, and other information a certain update contains.  This information will also show directly in the game client.

Version 1.3.0 (Live) - 02/21/2021

New Features

  • Two new mid level wands and upper level bows

  • Gameplay Changes

  • Server and database side item tracking changes

  • Bug Fixes

  • All weapons, armor, and items tracked separately in the database
  • Gathering tradeskills bonus success rate fixed
  • Items disappear when dragging from x to y (i.e. bank to backpack). I think that I fixed this.

  • Known Issues

  • NA

  • Version 1.2.6 (Live) - 01/01/2021

    New Features

  • Soon to be able to enchant your weapons and armors from +1 through +4
  • Inspect window shows enchant color and loot indicator red border
  • More putrid monsters
  • Holiday monsters and items - more to come and functionality for me to turn on events work in progress
  • ANDROID: Movement buttons are now a joystick with ability to press once like buttons
  • Better map land transitions
  • DEV and GM tools to change player names, guild names, and guild tags

  • Gameplay Changes

  • Additional crim spawn location added near Drisdin

  • Bug Fixes

  • Guild creation names and tag length and character rules validated
  • COMPUTER: Friends table was editable
  • Minor text fixes

  • Known Issues

  • Items disappear when dragging from x to y (i.e. bank to backpack). This is very rare - possibly due to weight. I will gift a big bug bounty if you can consistently reproduce this.

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