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Daily Quests WIP

I have been working on a daily quest system in the game. You will either have to gather (weapons/armors/items) and/or kill (monsters/npcs). You will gain 1-3 rewards which can include gold, exp, allegiance(holy/crim), weapons, armors, or items. If/when you unlock the 2nd and 3rd tab of daily quests you can get better rewards. As you build up a streak and/or your total dailies done count you effect your prize multiplier. Every 24 hours a fresh set of daily quests will be available to players. I am hoping the system will be fun.

Below is a small preview of the daily quest system. I am making some small tweaks and still need to do much work server side for this.

daily quest system

One response to “Daily Quests WIP”

  1. fourfivezero says:

    awesome! going to test it later, it should help keeping players who are enjoying the game

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