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Game Rules





These rules apply to everyone who plays Kisnard Online; by playing Kisnard Online, you accept these rules in full.   If you disagree with a rule or any part of these rules, you must not play Kisnard Online.



  • these rules are intended to keep the game fun and civil;
  • this is not an exhaustive list, rather a guide;
  • DEVs and GMs will use common sense when determining if someone is taking it too far;
  • DEVs and GMs will have full authority to punish/kick/ban those who take it too far.



Kisnard Online does not filter chat.  In order for everyone to enjoy:

  • English only, in all chats except whisper/guild!;
  • trash talking is allowed, but keep it fun and light;
  • excessive swearing is not allowed, here and there is okay, but keep it somewhat clean;
  • selling, chatting, and general fun nonsense is allowed, but spamming is not allowed;
  • no overly sexual, racist, sexist, or offensive chat in general/global chat;
  • talking about other games here and there is fine, but no outright advertising;



Kisnard Online is supposed to be enjoyable.  In order for everyone to enjoy:

  • be nice and have fun;
  • do not macro or use programs to play for you – there are plenty of idle games if that is your thing;
  • killing and looting is allowed and encouraged, killing the same person over and over again and following them around is harassment;
  • no blocking bridges, doors, etc. with monsters or NPCs;
  • help n00bs, the more people playing, the more fun the game is.



Kisnard Online is for everyone.  In order for everyone to enjoy:

  • everyone is welcome to create an account and multiple characters;
  • if you need more than 4 characters, then create another account;
  • no impersonation of moderators or character naming intended to trick others;
  • offensive character names will be changed – to something stupid – you have been warned;
  • your account is yours and yours alone, no sharing – all it leads to is account theft;
  • your email and account name cannot be changed to prevent account theft;
  • only in extreme circumstances will I change account emails per your request – may require a phone call or something – who knows;
  • no selling of accounts;
  • if you wish to quit you may give out your items, leave them to rot, or delete your characters.


Contact Kisnard Online

If you have any questions about these games rules, please write:

  • by email to