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Gameplay Basic Help

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Gameplay Basic Help

* Certain functions in game are not yet ready
** All folder paths are relative to the ‘/KisnardOnline’ main folder
*** Keyboard keys above are the game defaults – certain keys can be remapped
To walk use the W-A-S-D keys.  ‘W’ is north, ‘A’ is west, ‘S’ is south, and ‘D’ is east.  You may hold up to 2 keys at once to move in order to achieve walking north-west, north-east, south-west, or south-east. Game keyboard controls
This is the regular cursor that you will point with in game. Game mouse pointer
When holding the control(command for mac) key on your keyboard, you will be able to identify the world around you.  You can click certain objects on the world map to get more information, hover over your weapons, armors, and items to see detailed stats, and look at other player’s gear. Identify mouse pointer
To take a screenshot in the game you hit the ‘F9’ key on your keyboard.  A ‘.png’ picture file will be created within the ‘/screenshots’ folder named with the character name and date and time. F9 screenshot key
Screenshot filename
North-west walking cursor North walking cursor North-east walking cursor
When not on any windows (i.e. backpack, bank, minimap, etc.) and in the game panel this is the cursor you will use to move your character with the mouse.  Click or click-and-hold the right mouse button to move. West walking cursor East walking cursor
South-west walking cursor South walking cursor South-east walking cursor
North-west walking attack cursor North walking attack cursor North-east walking attack cursor
Same as above, this cursor will be displayed for movement, but will signify you are in attack mode.  Attack mode can be togged by hitting the ‘x’ key on your keyboard. West walking attack cursor East walking attack cursor
South-west walking attack cursor South walking attack cursor South-east walking attack cursor
Alchemy – Alchemy tradeskill cursor
Blacksmithing – Blacksmithing tradeskill cursor
Carpentry – Carpentry tradeskill cursor
Cooking – Cooking tradeskill cursor
Fishing – Fishing tradeskill cursor
Foraging – Foraging tradeskill cursor
There are numerous cursors for when you are working on tradeskills in the game. Harvesting – Harvesting tradeskill cursor
Healing – Healing tradeskill cursor
Lumberjacking – Lumberjacking tradeskill cursor
Milling – Milling tradeskill cursor
Mining – Mining tradeskill cursor
Planting – Planting tradeskill cursor
Smelting – Smelting tradeskill cursor
The below buttons are available in the Buttons window. Click one time to open and again to close. Or you can use the “x” icon on the top right of windows. note: certain windows can not be closed (chat and buttons).
Backpack – this is where you will hold all of your weapons, armors, and items that are not currently equipped or in your bank. Backpack button Backpack button
Character – this is where all of your equipped weapons, armors, and items will go. This also shows all of your character’s stats. Character button Character button
Skills – this is where you will see all of your levels for your various weapon, trade, elemental, and miscellaneous skills. Skills button Skills button
Quests – this is where you will see all of your active, completed, daily, and missed quests. Quests button Quests button
Friends – this is where you can see all of your friends you have added. You will also see everyone else who is playing currently. Friends button Friends button
Actions – this is where you can add weapons, armors, and items to be used by hitting the number keys on your keyboard (1, 2, etc.). Actions button Actions button
Spells – this is where you can view your spell book. You can see both Attack and Buff spells and tell which you have unlocked already. You can click a spell to see more details and then click and drag the icon (on the details page) to your actions bar. You will use the action bar to cast spells. Spells button Spells button
Guild – this is where you will see your guild’s details if you are currently in a guild. Leaders can add/remove members, transfer ownership, or disband the guild. Guild button Guild button
Premium Shop – this is where you can purchase general stuff, costumes, potions, unlocks, and more. Sometimes there will be sales here too of various things. You can also transfer gems to a higher gem quality here. Premium Shop button Premium Shop button
Minimap – this is where you will see the minimap for the game. You can zoom in or out and hide the text with the buttons on the bottom right of the minimap. When you die there will be a marker on the minimap of your corpse. The minimap will not work when you are underground in caves. Minimap button Minimap button
Bestiary – this is where you will see how many monsters and npcs you have killed. You will also be able to turn in faction shards here. Bestiary button Bestiary button
Collections – this is where you will be able to turn in various weapons, armors, and items. Once you turn in a weapon, armor, or item it is gone for good, but will stay in your collection forever. This is the ultimate bragging right. Collections button Collections button
Health-Mana – this opens a window that displays your health and mana. It is also displayed on the character window, but this is much smaller and has bars showing your current versus total health and mana. Health-Mana button
Help – this is where you will find the gameplay help. This same help you are reading now is available in the game and the website. They both contain the same content and will be updated whenever possible. Help button Help button
Options – this is where you can set various display, sound, window, and logging options for the game. Options are saved per character so you can customize what you want for each of your characters. They options files for your various characters are saved locally on your computer in the KisnardOnline/conf folder. Options button Settings button
Exit – this is where you can exit the game or switch to another character on your account. Exit button Exit button