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Gameplay Maps Help

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Gameplay Maps Help

There world of Kisnard Online is massive and there are many islands.  The first island that players start on is named Brethden (nicknamed n00b island).  The only town on Brethden is the village name Hoeth.


world map


The realm of Kisnard Online is ever growing.  Once adventurers grow stronger they can choose to go past Brethden island.


In order to navigate the lands players can use the minimap.

game minimap

zoom out button – Zoom Out

zoom in button – Zoom In

display island town names – Show/Hide Island/Town Names

death marker – Death Marker


When players die they will come back to life at spawn gates. Make sure to always set your spawn location by double clicking on spawns gates. When you die as a criminal you will be moved to the closest criminal spawn gate (or closest to where you last went underground).

regular spawn gate – Regular spawn gate

regular spawn gate – Criminal spawn gate