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Gameplay Players Help

The powerful Cristiana has summoned you to the lands of ‘Kisnard’. You will need to grow powerful to prove your worth to her and help defeat the Dark Mist.

To grow strong you need to gain exp to level:

    Attacking monsters (mele, ranged, magic)
    Gather resources (mining, lumberjacking, etc.)
    Processing resources (smelting, milling, etc.)
    Finishing resources (blacksmithing, carpentry, etc.)

Leveling gives you stat points to assign to your character:

    Strength: boosts your carrying capacity and weapon damage. Useful for Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Milling, and Mining.
    Constitution: boosts health and mana.
    Dexterity: boosts your chance to block/hit and gives a small boost to carrying capacity. Useful for Cooking, Fishing, Lumberjacking, and Tailoring.
    Intelligence: boosts your spells/healing, elemental damage, and gives a small boost to carrying capacity. Useful for Alchemy, Foraging, Harvesting, Planting, and Smelting.

To be strong you need to assign stat points with care:

    Warrior: close combat only. Great defensive armor. Strength/Constitution build.
    Archer: close/ranged combat. Good defensive armor. Dexterity/Constitution build.
    Mage: close/ranged combat. Okay defensive armor. Intelligence/Constitution build.
    Mix: combination of any build types. Constitution/Mixed build.

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