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Lighting and Collections

I have been working on a lighting/shadow system. Some of you may have seen the .gif I shared on facebook(below).

I wanted to share a scaled down screenshot so you could see what is to come (collections/bestiary/day-night cycles/etc.). The lighting system really makes a difference of night and day – no pun intended.

collections and lighting bestiary

The collections will be another bragging right and will also show up on the wiki site when searching for a player. You can turn in any weapons/armor/items that you find. Once you turn it in it shows up in your collection – but will be gone from your backpack forever. This is for all of the hardcore collectors out there. The collections system will also be tracked on the site leaderboards.

I will keep working away and hopefully push this large update (0.9.9) soon. Our new composer, Tanaka Mutaviri, has been creating music for the game. His work is amazing!!

p.s. I also have seemed to fix the server crashing due to the website getting too much action. Tweaked some of the Apache web-server settings. I guess I cannot complain about getting too much traffic to the site. That is the purpose of the Google Ads!

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