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New Character Help

Cristiana Cristiana:

Welcome to the lands of Kisnard Online! Come over and chat with me right away! Here are some quick tips:


   Computer: Right-click your mouse and move the cursor to walk. Alternatively, use the arrow keys: W-north, D-east, S-south, A-west, or a combination(i.e. southeast).
   Phone: Use the navigation buttons to walk.


Chatting (NPCs): NPCs with chat bubbles above their heads will offer you quests ‘Q’ and/or chats ‘C’. NPCs without chat bubbles may be for protection, banking, selling various wares, etc.


Chatting (Players):
   Computer: Hit the enter key, or click in the chat window text field, and type. Hit the enter key again to send, or click the send button. While typing hit the tab key, or click the buttons in the chat window, to switch the chat mode.
   Phone: Click the chat text field to pull up the keyboard. Click the send button to send. Click the chat mode selector to change chat modes (general is the default).

      General chat: – will be seen by all nearby players (biggest computer resolution size)

      Whisper chat: – will be seen by all those standing one tile away from you

      Guild chat: – will be seen by all of your fellow guild members

      Global chat: – will be seen by all players in the world


Cristiana Cristiana:

Those are all of my tips for now. Check out the help menu for more.




Computer Help button Phone Help buttonHelp window buttons

In the help window, you will find the beginners’ guide.  The help menu is broken into various sections which are split into various tabs.  The in-game help menu is identical to the Beginners’ Guide on the website.  It is constantly updated with helpful game information.
   Computer: You will find the help icon in your button window.
   Phone: The help icon is favorited by default so it shows in the main user interface.


Chat will always be displayed.
   Computer: The button window has buttons to open the most frequently used windows in the game – described below.  If you hover over the various buttons, a tooltip will display the shortcut key for that button.
   Phone: All windows are available in the menu. Phone Menu button  Favorite (star) buttons are toggleable in the menu and add window buttons right on the user interface.


Computer Backpack button Phone Backpack buttonBackpack window buttons

The backpack window is where you will see all non-equipped items that are currently in your possession.  When you die, after level 10, all of your backpack items will drop to your corpse and possibly some equipped weapons/armors.  You should run back to your body and double(computer)/single(phone) click it to pick up your items.  In town, you will find bankers that will hold your items to ensure they are safe.


Computer Character button Phone Character buttonCharacter window buttons

All of your equipped items can be seen on your character window.  You may equip a weapon/armor by double(computer)/single(phone) clicking it in your backpack or bank, or by dragging it from any container to the applicable character slot.  You may un-equip weapons/armor by dragging them to another container (e.g., backpack, bank, ground, etc.) or by double(computer)/single(phone) clicking.  Your character window will also display all of your stats and experience.


Computer Skills button Phone Skills buttonSkills window buttons

There are many ways to gain experience in Kisnard Online.  On your skills window you can see a list of all of the skills in the game.  You can also see how much experience you have and what level you are for each skill.  note: your overall level is shown on the character window


Computer Quests button Phone Quests buttonQuests window buttons

When you accept a quest in the game it will be logged in the Quests window.  You can also see a list of your past completed quests.  For each quest, active or completed, you can click to view details.  The quest details tab will show all information about the quest including the drops, steps, gives, etc. for the particular quest, you click.


Computer Friends button Phone Friends buttonFriends window buttons

In the friends window, you can see the names and befriend any of the other online players.  You can add or remove friends in this window.


Computer Actions button Phone Actions buttonActions window buttons

In the actions window, you can add weapons, armors, items, and spells for fast use.
   Computer: Use an action by typing the number keys on your keyboard (1, 2, etc.) or clicking with your mouse.
   Phone: Use an action by clicking an action.


Computer Spells button Phone Spells buttonSpells window buttons

In the spells window, you can see both Attack and Buff spells and tell which you have unlocked already.  You can click a spell to see more details and then click and drag the icon (on the details page) to your actions bar.  You use the action bar to cast spells.


Computer Guild button Phone Guild buttonGuild window buttons

The guild window is where you can see details about your current guild.  The guild window also shows a list of all of your guild members and their respective online statuses.  Members are able to leave their guild.  Leaders are able to add or remove members and disband or transfer ownership of the guild to another member.


Computer Premium Shop button Phone Premium Shop buttonPremium shop window buttons

The premium shop window is where you can purchase ‘special’ weapons, armors, spells, items, etc..  The premium shop will not be used to sell players the ‘best items in the game’.  Special event items (i.e., santa hat) may be available for special event currency(i.e., elf tools).


Computer Minimap button Phone Minimap buttonMinimap window buttons

The minimap window shows you a map of the surrounding area near your player.  Your location is marked on the minimap center with a red dot.  Your last death location is marked on the minimap with a red x.


Computer Bestiary button Phone Bestiary buttonBestiary window buttons

The bestiary window is where you will see how many monsters and npcs you have killed.  You can also track how many faction shards you have turned in.


Computer Collections button Phone Collections buttonCollections window buttons

This is where you will be able to turn in various weapons, armors, and items.  Once you turn in a weapon, armor, or item it is gone for good, but will stay in your collection forever.  This is the ultimate bragging right.


Health-Mana buttonHealth/Mana window button

   Computer: This opens a window that displays your health and mana.  It is also displayed on the character window, but this is much smaller and has bars showing your current versus total health and mana.
   Phone: There is no button for health/mana on Phone.  It is part of the user interface and is always shown.


Computer Options button Phone Settings buttonOptions window buttons

There are many configurable game settings in the options window.  Some of the options include: changing resolution, having windows automatically open when you play your character, changing sound/music volume, etc.  Options are frequently being added to allow players to better customize their experience.
   Computer: Game settings are stored separately for all of your characters.
   Phone: Game settings are the same for all of your characters.


Computer Exit button Phone Exit buttonExit window buttons

The exit button allows players to exit the game or switch to a different character.  Alternatively, depending on the operating system, players can close the game via shortcut keys, force closing, or clicking the ‘X’ on their titlebar.


More gameplay help can also be found on the KisnardOnline Discord.


Again, welcome to Kisnard Online!!