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Policies and Login

Players have been asking me how to get Diamonds. My focus was to build the game first and then worry about a microcurrency, but since I added in goodies to the premium shop people want Diamonds! I have been working on game policies and rules to prepare for accepting real-world donations for Diamonds.

Luckily I found a great website, Contractology, to help me with some of the boilerplate legalese.

policies, rules

The second thing I have been working on, in order to accept donations, is a robust authentication system. Gone are the days of, type your password to change your details. Besides using the login system to change your info and donate, I have plans on the wiki side also. Currently(after the next patch) when you login, it will show links to your characters on the wiki. If looking at your character, while you are logged in, I will add sections to see your bank, backpack, etc. Any other suggestions are welcomed.

account, login, persistent

I have not even begun working on the donation system on the website or the ingame mailbox system (used to get your purchases). Guess this next update will be rather large too.

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