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Premium Shop - 11/17/2015

Premium Shop

November 17th, 2015

I wanted to tease with a little image of the premium shop I have been working on. I am also working to change all of my ‘crappy looking’ custom GUIs to use standard tables (where applicable). This will allow for sorting of columns which is nice for players. I am still working hard at polishing the game (new art, new features, bug fixes, etc.) and the custom graphical user interface (GUI) is looking awesome.

premium item shop

With the premium shop I can sell anything for any amount of any currency (items – non weapon/armor). The freedom with this is really cool. I can have the usual gold currency for lower level premium items. I can have diamonds (the premium currency) for the awesome stuff. I can have holiday event items that you collect and turn in. I am excited by the freedom I am coding into this shop.

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