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Spell Casting

Spell casting is working (hopefully bug free)! You can cast attack spells on yourself or others (players/monsters/npcs). You can cast buff spells on yourself or others (players only). Find spell scrolls from monsters in order to be able to unlock them in the spells window. You can also cast buffs on yourself or other (players only) with certain items in the game. They will be persistent upon logging off and back in. Their applied time will only countdown while you are logged in and playing the game. Eventually there may be buffs to exp, drops, and gold in the premium store – very minor non-game-breaking buffs that is.

Version 0.9.8 is coming really shortly – it brings with it a TON of new content. Many new map updates, MUSIC, quests, crafting recipes, site updates(mainly wiki), actions bar, spells window, spell casting, item buffs, and more. I just need to fix just a few more bugs and I will push it to PROD. Stay tuned!!

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