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Version 0.6.0 patch

New Features

  • Client build process completed – internal testing in progress before ALPHA launch
  • Server launched on Amazon EC2 – internal testing in progress before ALPHA launch
  • Create guild window working – needs GUI work
  • Various bug fixes and server stability improvements
  • GM and DEV permissions more fine grained
  • GM and DEV get own corpse image
  • Fixed many, many painting issues and glitches
  • Many weapons, armors, items, npcs, mobs added to game – map also expanded
  • Able to override the game panel size resolution in options menu
  • SITE: moved to Amazon EC2 instance – much faster page load times
  • SITE: updates to Beginners’ Guide – more to come
  • SITE: fixes to registration/login/manageAccount process

Gameplay Changes

  • Slowed down characters/mobs/npcs a tiny bit to prevent eye strain
  • Able to buy 99 items at once from shop, weapons and armor 1 per click since they don’t stack
  • Only gain blocking exp while actively attacking mobs

Bug Fixes

  • Too many to list until a more stable code base

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