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Version 0.7.5 patch

New Features

  • Guild window: doubleclick guild member row to insert member name into action text box
  • Quests progress percentage takes in account sub-task status
  • Quests have more messages related to them (notice on gives/rewards/instructions/etc.)
  • GMDEV Console: all actions are logged
  • GMDEV Console: ability to shutdown server(in game) with countdown/warning message to players
  • GMDEV Console: doubleclick teleport favorites row to insert coordinates into coordinates text box
  • GMDEV Console: summon/warp to players
  • GMDEV Console: kick/ban players
  • GMDEV Console: teleport self/others
  • Updater will close when it updates itself
  • Reuse backpack item key added [R]
  • Chat window colors are consistent with game theme
  • Chat window wraps text properly – no more horizontal scrollbars
  • Various bug fixes and server stability improvements
  • Many weapons, armors, items, npcs, mobs, quests added to game
  • Map enlarged from 1750×1750 to 2200×2200
  • Map updates, boss monster on n00b island
  • SITE: updates to Beginners’ Guide – more to come
  • SITE: wiki creation started – screenshot on front page – more to come

Gameplay Changes

  • Weapons/Armors/Items will now use their required level/stat/skill requirements to equip
  • Mobs/NPCs regen health when not targeting something
  • Sell items back to shop for half the purchase price
  • Kicked from server after 1 minute of inactivity on character selection screen
  • Kicked from server after 5 minutes of inactivity while playing
  • New quest task type – quest_pre_requisite (aka, must have quest xyz done before proceeding)
  • Only able to login to your account once – can’t play multiple characters(on same account) at same time

Bug Fixes

  • So many quest bug fixes
  • Equipping by double clicking in bank does not make already equipped item disappear
  • Equipping into second ring slot does not make ring disappear
  • Hopefully fixed server crashing bug
  • Double button presses(if hitting enter fast) fixed

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