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Version 0.8.0 patch

New Features

  • SITE: updates to Beginners’ Guide – more to come
  • Doors are now not able to be walked through
  • Doors automatically close after 7 seconds – unless a mob, npc, or player is on the tile
  • Monsters and NPCs will open doors when they walk through them
  • Improved server start time and RAM usage
  • Added new quest icons
  • Added more quests
  • Healing tradeskill in game… try eating some edible items and see what happens

Gameplay Changes

  • Doors able to be opened/closed, windows opened/closed, lamps on/off
  • Crafting list will show all recipes for that type (i.e. Carpentry) rather than only showing your skill level and above

Bug Fixes

  • SITE: fixed the quests wiki page kill monster names not showing up
  • Minimap updates when being teleported or teleporting
  • Fixed stacking items on ground bug
  • Help Sections are scrolled to top when switching tabs
  • Client side map caching fixed thanks to the help of Lukas Beyeler on Stack Overflow
  • Made them red?? Someone confirm… MAC: MAC does not allow java to change JProgressBar (Health/Mana bars) background colors

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