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Version 0.8.5 patch

New Features

  • Character screen stat bonuses (+/-) displayed
  • New font throughout the game – also color theme applied more places
  • Switch character option under exit button bar item
  • Character creation screen has help hover tips
  • SITE: new gameplay features page Features
  • SITE: new screenshots gallery page Screenshots
  • New character help window – displays content from
  • Loading screen animation – after selecting a character
  • Criminal spawn gate added to the map
  • When attacking another non criminal(perm/temp) player or a npc you turn temp criminal – holy guards will target/kill you
  • Wiki unlocks added to the game – 0.1% chance to unlock

Gameplay Changes

  • Bank Tab 2 and 3 unlockable in main city – not drawn on map yet
  • Increase health/mana bonus for level/stats
  • Allegiance color of new characters set to yellow (0 allegiance)

Bug Fixes

  • New properties will not cause the character settings file to be reset to default values
  • NPCs/mobs open doors when walking no matter if they have a target or not
  • Updater shows 100% if no files were changed since last launch
  • No longer able to drop WAI (weapons/armors/items) to collision tiles (water/mountains/etc.)
  • Changed screenshot/log filenames to yyyy-mm-dd so they order chronologically
  • Mouse cursor only updates when you move it 1 pixel – for tradeskills/healing
  • Hopefully fixed: Client side map chunking takes a little too long at bottom of the map (y = ~2000+)

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