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Version 0.9.10 patch

New Features

  • Added ability to increase/decrease your player’s light source (spells/torches/etc.)
  • Implemented DOS attack prevention code on game server
  • More healing items added
  • Weight on character window colored to better show capacity
  • Website and game policies and rules created
  • More theme updates (tab colors)
  • Added diamond chunks as daily 3 reward always
  • Spider webs added to Foraging skill
  • Toggle to display your name, monster names, npc names, and tradeskill names
  • Animated the torches, campfires, and spawn gates
  • New default font and ability to change font in options
  • Return to last opened quest tab on close quest details tab
  • Show notify steps on the quest details task list
  • Show npc to turn in quest to on the quest details task list
  • Ability to unlock spell info in the wiki on every cast
  • More ring/necklack drops added
  • SITE: After logging into your account no longer have to type in password each time to update info
  • SITE: Updated registration page to recaptcha v2
  • SERVER: Improved logging and reduction of false ERROR reports in logs

Gameplay Changes

  • Lvl 10 and below do not drop backpack or equipment
  • Food now has a 2 second cooldown
  • Potions are now used by doubleclicking, only require overall level, have a cooldown, cost more, and weight more
  • When temp crim your name will be surronded by gray * on the character window
  • Blocking now defends against mele and elemental damage
  • Global chat default on login (until you have to pay gold or gems for global chat)
  • Added elemental blocking to rings: Aqua(Water), Amethyst(Dark), Topaz(Earth), Peridot(Wind), Ruby(Fire), and Pearl(Holy)
  • Made arrows and bolts weight less than 1
  • Ability for items to teleport you places
  • give 1/3 of exp for failed healing with items
  • give 1/4 of exp for failed healing with spells
  • upgrade (x7) diamond chunks to a diamond
  • Wiki Unlocks balancing
  • Weapon/Armor/Item balancing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed quests with 3+ rewards (i.e. Last Offense).
  • Made walking happen instantly when you press wasd or right click mouse. No more delay.
  • All times are now properly converted from server UTC to local time (i.e. quests, guild, mailbox, etc.
  • Fixed Corrupted Beasts quest
  • Fixed unable to type or buy multiple quantities from shop when temp crim
  • Chat protocol corrections that caused random glitches
  • Buffs Applied list not showing all buffs
  • hold shift while running and it auto runs in the direction your running (note: this will still happen with other keys, I’m not going to waste time fixing all combinations, only the ones that make sense for gameplay)
  • Find the moving speed when dragging windows around… ABOUT TIME!
  • Fixed double click to equip arrows or bolts from backpack
  • Fixed healing (food or potion) cursor not showing up
  • Chat messages no longer allow typing @
  • Various switch character related bugs
  • Update active table completion percent when quest details window updates
  • Unicorn hunter quest bug fix
  • DEV stat reset all was giving too many stats
  • Quests unable to turn in randomly
  • Dragging arrows to character equipped with arrows already makes them go poof
  • Duping items to bank fix (thanks FrostAvenger for reporting)
  • Minimap death x not showing up
  • SITE: Wiki bug where 0 values showed up as x

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