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Version 0.9.11 patch

New Features

  • Monsters now make noise!
  • 4.5 armor set in game – Cursed
  • Many monsters drop new stuff
  • New tradeskill items, weapons, armors, items, mobs, npcs, spells, factions, etc.
  • Exp modifier is active – ready for exp events
  • Added missed tab to quests window – shows any non-acrive or non-completed quests below your level
  • SITE: update the in game and website help documentation

Gameplay Changes

  • Gemmed necklaces now have buffs depending on the gem

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed item buffs crashing the game – thanks PierreCHT
  • Greed spell was giving 20x gold by accident
  • Miscellaneous server error and state issues
  • Fixed being unable to bank after opening bank, and then walking when blocked
  • Fixed missing dolls quests not being able to turn in
  • Fixed potions able to be used when at full hp

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