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Version 0.9.16 patch

New Features

  • SITE: Character level shows on the highest levels leaderboard
  • Equipping weapons/armors without the required level, skill, or stats will display a message about requirement

Gameplay Changes

  • Bat armor reduced to 0 for new players without a weapon
  • King Cobra spawn increased and respawn time shortened
  • Snake spawn increased
  • Gathering tradeskill base loot chance shown instead of ???
  • Bestiary and collection windows show items in lowest to highest level by default

Bug Fixes

  • SITE: Grim, Putrid, and Boss monster variants now show on the wiki map
  • Account already logged in making you wait 10 minutes and possibly slowing server down
  • Could get 1 exp on failure of healing self when you had full health
  • Sell price show inconsistently on wiki and game sell window
  • Added server side check to ensure only able to move from next to player on ground
  • Daily quest current streak resets to 0 upon login (if did not complete one in past 2 days)
  • Daily quest streak logic fixes
  • Fixed bug of cleaning a looted item
  • Exp buffs applied to healing tradeskills

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