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Version 0.9.5 patch

New Features

  • TONS
  • OF
  • NEW
  • ART!!
  • New, animated, playable character sprites
  • Support for animated, npcs, mobs, sprites, etc.
  • Entire map(outline) has been drawn
  • WIP new city – Corsinth Castle – on the main island
  • Players can now go underground at certain places (ladders/caves/etc.)
  • NPC dialogs/quests will now show the required level if you don’t meet it
  • SITE: website is now mobile optimized – responsive
  • DEV/GMs can change their own or player’s levels (overall & skills)
  • DEV/GMs can hide black painted (non-sight line) areas
  • Server stats are now saved, for each day, in the database (prettymuch everything is tracked – how many time players have mined, leveled, loged in, etc.)
  • Can now override players sprites
  • Players can change font sizes of some things (chat, healing/damage numbers, etc.)

Gameplay Changes

  • DEV/GMs can go invisible at will
  • Add new rarity level (COMMON = white, UNCOMMON = cyan, RARE = green, UBER = orange)
  • Minimap will not show when underground
  • Unable to see in buildings unless the door is open or character is standing next to window or door(with window)

Bug Fixes

  • Shop window will no longer switch to sell tab (when on buy tab) when moving something in your backpack
  • Fixed SSL server issues due to vulnerabilities found in OpenSSL
  • Fixed server logout announcements

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