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Version 0.9.6 patch

New Features

  • Weapon/Armors/Items will show requirements (stength, level, etc.) in green or red color – quick way to see if you are able to equip/use item
  • New GUI window skinning (borders, font, etc.)
  • More weapons, armors, items, and monsters – some have made it on Brethden (n00b island)
  • Show weapon class, elemental type, and any buffs on (weapon/armor/item popups)
  • Updated item table with level requirements, skill requirements, and skill types
  • Added some bonuses to many weapons, armors, items, and spells (i.e., Bow Saw, Carpentry Tools, etc.)
  • Added level and skill requirements to tradeskills
  • Added lots of drops to the game
  • Worked on drawing more of the map (past n00b island)
  • Message when selling an item appears in chat window
  • Characters window has placeholder images in the equipment slots to identify what each slot holds
  • Added more land and monsters to Brethden
  • Added new quests to Brethden
  • Added exp type and exp amount to the quest details tabs
  • Added a premium shop to the game – can be accessed anytime from the buttonbar
  • Adding an entire crafting tree for Blacksmithing, Crafting, and Alchemy… Cooking TODO
  • Certain complete armor sets will change your sprite into a paperdolled version (i.e., chainmail set, cloth set, etc.)
  • Bows with arrows and crossbows with bolts allow you to attack from a distance
  • Able to see all on screen attacks and damage animations/numbers
  • Able to toggle seeing island/town names on the minimap
  • Able to change colors of health and mana bars
  • SITE: added skills and crafting wiki pages
  • SITE: added crafting recipe/ingredient details and premium shop to weapon/armor/item wiki pages
  • SITE: updated the wiki with all of the changes to database tables
  • SITE: wiki now contains spells page with unlockable details (to be added to game when spells are implemented)
  • SITE: wiki now shows weapons, armors, items, and spells increases (if they have any) – unlockable of course
  • SITE: wiki now shows quest gives/tasks/rewards on the weapons, armors, and items pages
  • SITE: wiki now shows quest tasks on the monster pages
  • SITE: much better looking favicon

Gameplay Changes

  • Drastically reduced the amount of time it takes to load the map (on game start and while walking around)
  • You can now doubleclick on a finishing tradeskill map spot (i.e. blacksmith’s anvil) to open the recipe list
  • Changed shop list (buy/sell) to be in a sortable/resizable table
  • Able to adjust shop window size
  • Able to equip arrows and bolts
  • Crafting window recipes are displayed in level order (low to high)
  • Quest progress completion percentage is now calculated at the subtask level
  • Bats nerfed a little bit
  • You can log back into your account from the same IP address if your game crashes (before inactivity kicks you)

Bug Fixes

  • Few issues with sight lines in buildings fixed(when an outside door is opened should be able to see outside)
  • Fixed tons and tons of GUI issues – if you find anything else post in forums
  • Help sections load much faster and asynchronously (do not lag while loading)
  • Fixed NPC and mob targeting issues
  • Fixed NPC and mob targeting only in a straight line
  • Crafting/skills window opens partially scrolled down
  • Fixed issue with acting on wrong row after table sorting
  • Gathering and Finishing tradeskills now properly reflect success rate

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