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Version 0.9.7 patch

New Features

  • NPCs with chats and/or quest available show bubbles over their head. The ‘Q’ and ‘C’ will be colored for available, in progress, and completed.
  • Able to travel to Corsinth Castle and progress to harder monsters
  • Added drops to many monsters
  • Locked down GM DEV window more – no longer show players online to non gmdevs who open the window (even though friends window has it)
  • SITE: make navigation more streamlined
  • SITE: addition of image slideshow on homepage

Gameplay Changes

  • Tweaked the exp tables at lvl 45+
  • Have to be able to reasonably hit a monster to gain blocking exp (and be actively attacking)
  • Redrew the whole mainland – made the map much smaller – more intimate
  • Balanced many aspects of the game – tradeskill success rates, monster strength, etc.
  • Failing on crafting (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cooking) gives 1/3 of successful exp

Bug Fixes

  • Fix guards not following the mob target well
  • Selling items in shop show as their correct price (half of what they can be bought for)
  • NPC and mobs randomly getting stuck in place

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